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in space, no one can hear you listening to anything but industrial music

we are: lovers of industrial music, dance, synthpop, new wave, experimental, and everything else dark electronic. we make the music, worship the music, and (usually) fantasize about marrying the people who make the music. we dress up glam (maybe) and crowd the concert halls (usually) awaiting our music idols.


we source:

anything and everything. tell us about your band, a band you like, lyrics you love, pictures you think are incredibly sexy; request new bands, mix cds, whatever. PLEASE, for the sake of other bands and websites, do NOT hotlink pictures, songs, or anything else.

if you want to upload music for sharing and you're not priviledged with your own website (as many of us aren't), please use yousendit.com or megaupload.com, send it to yourself, and give us the link to download it.


our rulers:

ninjafaerie, who is probably not even the princess, much less the queen, of industrial music
kelleyfucious, zen mistress of the electric underworld.


our rules:

· keep it limited to industrial music, bands, or culture. come on. it's common sense.
· try to be as helpful as possible. if someone has a lyric wrong, or mislabels a band, don't be an elitist. we're not a rating community here.
· promotions for other similar communities must be cleared by one of the moderators. promotions for your stupid rating community or other such nonsense will not be allowed. you will be banned, no questions asked.
· please put big pictures behind an lj-cut. it's common courtesy, and common sense.
· more rules will be made as the need for them arises.


sister communities:
noisexchange - for the exchange of metal music and the hotsex music lifestyle.
if you would like your music sharing or industrial music/style community to be a sister community, please get ahold of the maintainer. thankssss. :)

we like industrial music. we want our bands to keep making the music they make. thus, we include contact information (such as myspace names, official websites, livejournal names/communities) so you can go support the band by buying their merchandise and going to their shows. please use this information to your (and their) advantage. it's the right thing to do.