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Mind VS Feelings

Netaudio Russia is proud to present 2 new relases from our label-family! Two different projects from different places on the Earth presented today and always:

Fauna - "Have U Ever Talk To Angels?" (Share My Wings)

Sounds like trip-hop, indietronica, post-rock...

The release of this Fauna album have been anticipated for the last four years for it is the one most complete and reflecting Fauna mood in the best way. Momentary cut of the surrounding world and feeling of eternity are equally inherent to each track of this record. Hymn to the emptiness, to its so varied phenomena is the essence and deep meaning of Have U Ever Talked To Angels?

Release page (get track-by-track):

ZIP with 320kbps mp3 (83mb)


Takeshi Nakamura - "Sound Effect Collage" (Wierd Elements)

Sounds like microtechno, clicks and cuts.

This is not music. This is sound effects collage... This how Takeshi Nakamura, musician from Tokyo, Japan describes his new album, inspired by minimal techno experiments, sampladelic cutted influences and chiptunes sine waves.

Release page (get track-by-track):

ZIP with 320kbps mp3 (83mb)



with best regards, NetAudio Russia team!
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