nikita_golyshev (nikita_golyshev) wrote in industri_share,

es40: Various Artists - Thank You

Various Artists - Thank You

Yes, it's fortieth! And we say thank you to each and every musician and group, that appeared in previous ElectroSound releases.Thank you to every person and listener, who appreciated our work. Big thanks to our friends and partners, they made us stronger. And the biggest thanks to all our evil-wishers, they made us more powerfull.

So, what can we say more about this compilation? A couple of brand new and (as always) astonishing tracks from musicians you know, plus some new groups, united various emotianal states together in entire electronic mood. We like this music, hope you will like it, too. Keep listening and we will keep on moving.


Listen in mp3 320kbps stereo:
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