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We're back again!

Musica Excentrica presents our new releases:

Volga — “At Ausland”

Sounds like ethnic, folklore, industrial...

Angela Manukian, Alexei Borisov, Yuri Balashov and Roman Lebedev have created the most, and the only well-known, in international music area, Russian project, working in folklore/authentic style, connecting together Slavic ancient and national songs and actual electronic tunes.

Listen and download on Musica Excentrica

Tomoko Sauvage and Gilles Aubry — “Apam Napat”

Sounds like microtonal, free-improvised...

Tomoko Sauvage improvises on waterbowls, a self-developed percussion instrument made of Chinese porcelain bowls filled with water, inspired by an instrument of carnatic music (South India), Jalatarangam. The serene sound and melodies are live-sampled and slightly processed by Gilles Aubry to create new layers of sound mixed with the original ones. This polyphonic interplay between primitive sound of water vibration and its time-lagged samples generates illusory vertigo.

Listen and download on Musica Excentrica
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