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New classics and retro grooves

Musica Excentrica and Netaudio Russia present our new releases:

Joan Bagés i Rubi — “Instrumental Music” (Musica Excentrica)

Sounds like musique concrète, electroacoustic...

Spanish musician Joan Bages i Rubi, a young Stockhausen and Xenakis follower, develops the idea of interactions between classical music theory and algorythmic concpetions of the contemporary music - "These four pieces collect some of my ways of sound work, pieces for solo instrument, pieces for ensemble and pieces for interactive music and electroacustic music."

Listen and download on Musica Excentrica

HardStroke — “The Others” (Electrosound)

Sounds like chiptunes techno, electropop...

HardStroke is a band, based on one human. Simon Johansson is his name.Simon has created music for a long time, and has faced many different music styles. Some of them are: rock, pop, jazz, metal, dance, house, techno, trance, classical and… Swedish folkmusic. Mash it up!

Listen and download on Electrosound

with best regards, NetAudio Russia / Musica Excentrica
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